Paul Spierings the best Dutch motorcyclist

Synmar is proud to sponsor Paul Spiering during the Dakar Rally this year. Especially because our Synmar products have been tested during the heaviest Dakar Rally competition.

Before Paul Spierings started the Dakar Rally his only goal was to reach the finish. “If necessary, I finish last, but I have to and will reach the finish. I will not miss this opportunity, ” said Spierings firmly.

After 10 days racing through Peru, Paul Spierings succeeded in achieving his goal. In addition, he finished 27th in the final classification making Spierings the best Dutch motorcyclist of Dakar Rally 2019.

Stage 1 Lima – Pisco (84 km)

After an impressive podium start, the first stage started on January 7, 2019. Shortly before Spierings had to start, the participants were informed that something was wrong with the waypoints in the navigation system. “The first 10 km was like a fair with all those tracks,” Spierings said. However, Spierings was sharp, “I have put all equipment on 0 and tried to figure out the route. I drove almost the entire route alone and I liked that. I kept on driving and have made no mistakes “. Spierings ended up on the 65th position.

Stage 2: Pisco – San Juan de Marcona (342 km)

To make the match as fair as possible, the Dakar Rally has made directions in the road book. When all participants follow the route, they pass a large number of virtual measurement points that are indicated in the GPS. In addition, the participant needs to pass by each waypoint. However, the waypoints are not always easy to find.

Many participants missed a waypoint during the second stage. This happened to Spierings as well. For Spierings it took 4 hours and 27 minutes to reach the finish. Unfortunately, 20 minutes were added due to a missed waypoint. Spierings eventually ended on the 72nd position.

Stage 3: San Juan de Marcona – Arequipa (331 km)

During the third phase, things went better for Paul Spierings. “It was great. I drove well and did not miss any waypoints this time” said Spiering with joy. Spierings ended on the 52nd position.

Stage 4: Arequipa – Moquegua (405 km)

Arriving at the finish, Spierings’ hands were suffering from squeezing his handle so hard to prevent his bike from breaking. The route was full of stones, therefore, Spierings wanted to prevent a hidden stone from touching the front wheel. The steering wheel can simply jump out of his hands. Although Spierings believed that it was a “life-threatening test”, he finished on the 45th position. It took him 4 hours and 46 minutes to reach the finish.

Stage 5: Moquegua – Arequipa (345 km)

Every day Paul Spierings tries to climb up in the rankings. He managed to do this again for the fifth stage. Spierings was the best Dutchman in the standings and finished on the 36th position.

Stage 6: Arequipa – San Juan de Marcona (336 km)

The 6th stage was a tough stage for many participants. On the 34th kilometer it went completely wrong for Spierings.

Spierings hit his face on the navigation system of his bike, everything was broken. “Luckily, my teeth are still intact,” claimed Spierings. Spierings tried for fifteen minutes to repair everything and then continued with a half-broken odometer which was very difficult to navigate. It took him 5 hours and 49 minutes and ended on the 37th position.

Stage 7: San Juan de Marcona> San Juan de Marcona (323 km)

The organization of Dakar described the seventh stage as a tough route and warned the participants.

After finishing the 7th stage, Spierings believed it was not too bad. “What made it difficult was a sandstorm, but I have also got through it well”. Spierings was the fastest Dutchman and ended up on the 36th position.

Stage 8: San Juan de Marcona> Pisco (360 km)

In the 8th stage Spierings again succeeded to finish as the best Dutchman. And now, also as the best Dutchman in the classification. It took Spierings 4 hours and 56 minutes and finished 30th.

Stage 9: Pisco> Pisco (313 km)

Paul Spierings holds his spot, ‘the best Dutchman in the standings’. Spierings felt like a fish in the water in during this stage. “It went so well that I almost think it’s a shame that it will stop tomorrow,” said Spierings. He finished on the 21st position in the rankings.

Stage 10: Pisco> Lima (112 km)

Despite that the stage was only 112 km long, it was a serious test with many dunes and sand. Spierings finished on the 33rd position.

As a proud sponsor, Synmar is pleased that Paul Spierings was able to achieve his goal.


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